About us

Moonshine? Rock-pop? Bootleg?

moonshine /ˈmuːnʃʌɪn/

noun (informal)
[north american] illicitly distilled or smuggled alcohol.
The name was derived from a tradition of creating the alcohol during the nighttime, thereby avoiding detection.

rock-pop /ˈrɑkpɑp/

definition of the musical genre and style Tom Kondor’s Moonshine is playing.
The word, invented by the band, comes from reversing „pop-rock” with more emphasis on the latter part for it has more weight in the band’s repertoire.

bootleg /ˈbuːtlɛɡ/

(of alcoholic drink or a recording)
made, distributed, or sold illegally.
i.e. “bootleg cassettes”

an illegal musical recording, especially one made at a concert.

The unique Moonshine recipe

A passionate mix of various genres with the honesty of rock – the “rock-pop bootleg” played in its own way is an uncompromising, authentic concert program.

“Only those who have tried almost everything in music can truly say that they have found their true voice.” – says Tamás Kondor, the frontman of Tom Kondor’s Moonshine.

The basis of the band’s authenticity is the identity resulting from the musical language and sound crystallized over the years: this is what makes the incredibly colorful repertoire uniform. In the arrangement, they rely on the guitars, from the powerful, energetic sounding to the almost whispering, intimate lyrics, every song comes to life with sincere experience and passion.
Tom Kondor’s Moonshine is no ordinary cover band. Spontaneity and one’s own voice are particularly important, as they provide the audience with a unique and inimitable experience.

“We choose wisely what can be included in the program. It is important for us to give something original to the audience. We can only do this if we are perfectly able to identify with what we are playing.”

The six-hour program, which has matured over the years and includes more than a hundred world-famous songs, most of which are performed acoustically as well, holds experiences for all music lovers, regardless of age, gender, skin color, or origin. This is extended by Tamás Kondor’s own, masterfully constructed and composed songs, which blend perfectly into the program of the world’s greatest songs.

élőzenei rockkoncert

Tom Kondor, the band’s founder and frontman

In his songs, singer, songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist Tamás Kondor offers a deep insight into his own life, loves and thoughts. In addition to his theater work – he composed musicals, music for dance plays, songs, lyrics – he participated in many bands, accompanied stars, and even a role in a rock opera enriches his musical past. With Tom Kondor’s Moonshine, a big dream came true for him.

“I can call myself lucky, because after many formations, fate finally brought me together with the people I can consider my best friends, and with them I can play my songs that I didn’t dare entrust to anyone else.” – he admits honestly.

The members of the band have acquired proficiency in a wide variety of musical styles, and have proven their abilities on numerous occasions alongside well-known Hungarian performers (Ildikó Keresztes, Gábor Majsai, Csilla Auth, Vera Tóth, Ádám Török).

koncert életkép

The Moonshiners:

  • Tom Kondor – lead vocals, guitar, keyboard, songwriter
  • Zoltán Gyurácz – guitar, vocals
  • Gergely Kusztor – bass, vocals
  • Gábor Czetter – drums

Moonshiner parties

Moonshiner parties – Although public concerts have returned after numerous covid waves have passed, the secret, exclusive party has become the band’s trademark. The band reveals a small special part of the repertoire only at these parties, Gin Mills, Booze Cruises, Blind Pig Parties, Juice Joints, that only invited guests can enter. Since direct and personal contact with the audience is considered important, it is not impossible to get to a TKM Moonshiner party. And when is the next one? It’s a secret!

Fun facts about the guys

“We are the lamest band in Szombathely…” – said Tamás, the frontman – being a musician in a wheelchair – at the jubilee of the local disabled association. We can’t say that the joke was an undivided success among the somewhat stiff audience, luckily the joke later found understanding ears, and we hear it often.
In his non-spare time, Kuszi restores works of art.
Zoli knows English very well and is not afraid to use it.
Czetto rides a motorbike…
Tamás collects hats.
A famous singer got her name from Kuszi’s dog: Shakira.
Zoli has already run a marathon. Twice.
The guys often talk about serious things with a Hungarian dialect from Vas county.
If you ask them “so, have you come?” they will answer “nope!”
Kuszi also plays the harmonica beside bass.
The first concert of the Tom Kondor Band, the predecessor of Moonshine, took place without a drummer.
They have even played at weddings. Twice.
Many years ago, Tamás’s apartment was a frequent meeting place for local musicians and other artists, where acquaintances were made and new works and ideas were born while drinking fermented drinks and smoking shisha.