Band members


Tom Kondor – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Songwriting

‘Even if you start practising 8 hours a day now, you’ll never be a musician’ said the director of the music school after my successful admission to his institution at the age of 12. This was his opinion, and since then I have composed musicals and soundtracks of dance performances, written songs and lyrics, published a book of verse, played in many bands, accompanied celebrities and even had the opportunity to sing in a rock opera. And although I have never practiced 8 hours, it was deemed unnecessary anyway, after playing in so many bands, I have found the people who have become my best friends; the ones I can trust to play my songs, which I had never been able to do before.


Gyurácz Zoltán – Guitars, Vocals

Similarly to other band members, I started my musical career in Sipőcz Rock Band if we don’t take Kövér Potkány (Fat Rat) blues band into account. Though I think we should; it evokes precious memories. I have already played together with every member in different bands except for Gyurci; maybe resulting from his age. The point is that the American guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani had a great influence on my style, I wanted to make covers of his songs when someone told me that if could play those songs, there was a band looking for a guitarist. This is how I met Tom Kondor, who, back in 2003 was already an unmatched keyboard player in the vicinity. I learnt a lot from him about playing music and music itself; we played together in many bands, which was great schooling. I had many teachers through the years, though I have never received formal musical education. In 2012, Tom and I got to the point of wanting to play our own songs after years of covers and this is where Tom Kondor Band started; where besides doing covers, the emphasis is put on Tom’s songs because, let’s admit it, music is not merely about realising yourself, but is primarily audience-centric entertainment.
When I don’t play music, I am a self-employed interpreter, translator and teacher of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) for companies. I love doing them all, and also we share great passion for a new hobby, beer-brewing (and recently coffee brewing) that is; I am a certified beer-brewer and we brew our own beer from time and again together with Tom (and Kuszi lately)… when we run out of it…




Kusztor Gergely – Bass

Following my father’s footsteps, I took up the instrument at the age of 12-13. I tried playing lead guitar then and it was in high school when bass started to attract my interest. Since then, I have been members of mainly blues and rock bands. With the other members, we share a long history of playing in various bands and drinking beer together. And separately. I substituted the bass guitarist of Tom Kondor Band in 2016 and soon I found myself as a permanent member of the band, which I’ve been reinforcing ever since.